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January 01, 2023

New Collection at Home Depot

If you have ever seen the SpeedTiles display at your local Home Depot store and wished for more options you will be happy to know that you have been heard – from 4 models to 8 we propose now a larger assortment, for all tastes.

Introducing the new 2X Faster collection in stores, it will now be possible to get Peel&Stick mosaic tiles that are suitable for wet areas. Because they require grout, they are safe to install in a shower if the wall has been waterproofed beforehand.


2X Faster Collection – New Models


Soft Ramp Marble and Glass


Mauï – Marble



Penny DC – Metal



Penny S2 – Metal




3X Faster Collection – Models

With those, no need to apply grout! Simply Peel and Stick.


Bengal – Marble



Hexagonia SB – Metal



Gray Agate – Marble



Himalayan – Marble





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