About Us

White backsplash tiles Speed Tiles Peel and Stick


Inoxia is a Quebec company that designs and distributes products with the SpeedTiles® brand. The SpeedTiles® have been designed with the purpose of allowing anyone to undertake a renovation project, better known as Do It Yourself. Whether your project is a major one or not, SpeedTiles® is the ideal choice in order to achieve a result that is both professional and stylish at a lower cost!
The SpeedTiles® brand was first introduced in Canada in 2010, and in the United States in 2016. Originally, Inoxia used to produce only metal SpeedTiles®.
Soon we decided to extend the choice of available materials, but at that time, natural stone tiles only 4-millimeter thick did not exist on the market. For the company, it was essential to be able to offer thin tiles, in order to facilitate both the cutting and the transportation. After several R&D efforts, we found the solutions.
The glass tiles were first added to the SpeedTiles® collection in 2017.
In 2018, Home Depot PRO awarded Inoxia with the Master of Innovation prize for its SpeedTiles® tiles, which have been recognized as easy and quick to install!